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Studs Terkel discusses the global status of theater with Croatian director Vlado Habunek

BROADCAST: Apr. 25, 1962 | DURATION: 00:34:56


Vlado Habunek, the Director of The Croatian National Theater, also a teacher at the University of Zagreb and board member for the Debrovnik Summer Festival discusses how all arts are seeking new revelations with Studs Terkel. Terkel asks Habunek to compare American Actors with Croatian actors because they are subsidized by the state. He sees Croatian actors as too secure and admires the ambition of American actors. The fact that theater reflects life and life is difficult begins a discussion on the status of theater today. Habunek, reveals his dissatisfaction with the playwright's ability to find new form to express the world and sees it as not good enough. Eugene Ionesco with "The Bald Prima Donna" appeared to be inclined to show revelations but "Rhinoceros" showed nothing new. He said it all in Prima Donna. Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" was also an enormous event but Habunek still sees Shakespeare as the person to turn to for depth. Edward Albee's "Zoo Story" is realistic but it is short unlike Eugene O'Neil'ls "Long Days Journey Into Night". Habunek is still looking for a playwright that captures the time we live in.