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  • Laborers

    New Voices on Studs Terkel - History

    GRADE LEVEL 9-12 | DURATION 8 weeks

    Students will be able to independently use their learning to …

    Read and respond to various types of literature through interpretation, personal stance, and having a critical stance.

    Draw upon various sources to create a generalization or test a generalization.

    Design a project using various forms of media, including excerpts from radio archives, photographs, and historic video clips.

    Discuss what lessons, if any, should we learn from the past and apply to the present and other past events.

    Recognize the time period events took place; being aware of the social, political, and economic trends of that time in order to understand and grasp meaning into why certain events, rules, or outcomes were produced.

    Recognize the impact key events, people, statutes, etc. how on our lives today. How do the experiences of the past dictate what we do today?

    Discuss current events and their established history and the impact decisions of the past have on occurring events today and why.

  • Civil Rights

    Studs Terkel Radio Archive and Great Books Foundation - Civil Rights

    GRADE LEVEL 9-12 | DURATION Varies

    The Great Books Foundation has developed standards-aligned curriculum for a single-phase pilot program utilizing curated audio from the Studs Terkel Archives. The program is designed for students and teachers in grades 10-12, in social studies and English language arts. Great Books has curated and excerpted four Studs Terkel interviews covering different areas of interest within the broader topic of civil rights.

    From Great Books Foundation website

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