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Michael Burton discusses John Henry Faulk and John Henry Faulk discusses American history and politics

BROADCAST: May. 3, 1982 | DURATION: 00:54:34

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This interview contains two parts. The first focuses on writer and John Henry Faulk biographer, Michael Burton, in which Burton discusses John Henry Faulk’s life as an American storyteller as well as his book entitled “John Henry Faulk: The Making of a Liberated Mind.” Burton makes mention of how the Hollywood Blacklist affected Faulk’s career. The second part of this interview is from a 1982 interview between Studs and John Henry Faulk in which Faulk displays his satirical comedy through his storytelling by featuring characters' opinions of President Reagan and Secretary Haig’s political activities. Studs plays "When the Stars Begin to Fall" - The Weavers (1961).