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Willie Dixon, Sunnyland Slim and Big Mama Thornton discuss their careers in the blues and describe some of their songs

BROADCAST: 1970 | DURATION: 00:30:59


Studs interviews blues singers Willie Dixon, Sunnyland Slim, and Willie Mae Big Mama Thornton about the blues. They discuss the blues festival in Chicago for which they are all in town for and name other musicians who will be performing. Sunnyland Slim talks about being on the road and the hard times. Thornton describes the blues as music made from life experiences. She talks about some of her big hits such as "Hound Dog" and "Ball and Chain." Dixon describes the blues as "a story told with a feeling." He describes one of his hits with Koko Taylor, "Insane Asylum." They talk about how blues singers are big hits in foreign countries but unknown in their own United States. All musical numbers are removed from this edited version of the original recording.