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Through an interpreter, Marc Chagall discusses his approach to art and his views on people

BROADCAST: 1970 | DURATION: 00:00:01

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Professor John Nef explained that Marc Chagall came from an environment of nothing. From his dreams, Chagall created joy in his pieces of art. Nef lets the audience know that Chagall said he still has a lot of unfinished artwork to complete. The 3rd and last part of this program is a colloquy. Again, through another translator, Chagall’s words are translated. Chagall said his life’s purpose is art. Chagall said any man could be a bad artist but that no man can be an artist unless he is in fact, a good man. Chagall’s last thoughts, the world in its entire domain, will be saved by love, for without love, the world will progressively die. Marc and Valentina Chagall speak French.