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Studs Terkel interviews Curtiss Brooks, Jane Weston and Philip Hauser on the status of Blacks and housing, jobs and education in Chicago ; part 4

BROADCAST: 1965 | DURATION: 00:55:20


Discussing "Discrimination in metropolitan Chicago" with Curtiss Brooks, employment specialist, Chicago Urban League, Jane Weston, housing specialist, American Friends Service Committee, and Philip Hauser, Sociology Department of University of Chicago. Brooks, Weston and Hauser provide data, reports and statistics to debunk the myths concerning the Black market for housing in Chicago. Weston states that public attitudes have changed and Real Estate must listen and accommodate open occupancy. Another myth that is discussed is that property values will go down if Blacks move in. It was shown that the neighborhood would stabilize after an initial panic type reaction. The Hyde Park Kenwood Urban Renewal produced an integrated community. Progress involves friction but there is hope in rebuilding.