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Steve Goodman discusses his album "Words We Can Dance To"

BROADCAST: Apr. 30, 1976 | DURATION: 00:52:30

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Studs Terkel presents a “musical portrait” of Steve Goodman with the musician joining him in the studio to discuss, listen to, and play songs from his album “Words We Can Dance To.” Goodman begins by performing the blues song “Glory of Love,” and Terkel plays a clip from Big Bill Broonzy’s rendition of the song; Goodman cites Big Bill as one of his many influences. Goodman also plays an old jazz song called “When the Red, Red Robin,” with Terkel connecting that song to his first memories of jazz. The two touch on the Chicago music scene and Goodman’s success, in addition to discussing Goodman’s songs “Unemployed,” “This Hotel Room,” “Roving Cowboy,” “Banana Republics,” “Between the Lines,” and “Old Fashioned.” Note: A hammering sound can be heard in this interview.