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Nancy Milford discusses her book "Zelda" a biography of Zelda Fitzgerald

BROADCAST: Aug. 7, 1970 | DURATION: 00:52:50


The interview begins with Ms. Milford reading from the prologue of her book "Zelda". Ms Meyer talks with Studs about her book and the lives of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Studs reads a few lines of a farewell poem by Ring Lardner to Zelda Fitzgerald "To Z.S.F." Both Studs and Ms. Meyer read letters from Zelda and F Scott Fitzgerald from the book. Excerpt of Virginia Durr of Montgomery AL. talking about southern women and the image they have to live up to.(1965958-4-1 & -4-2) Excert of Mrs. Madera Spencer talks about southern women in social life in Montgomery, AL.(1905920-3-1)