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John Malkovich and Gary Sinise discuss the play "Of Mice and Men"

BROADCAST: Sep. 29, 1981 | DURATION: 00:47:03


Studs Terkel discusses the upcoming new play "Of Mice and Men", based on the novel written by John Steinbeck with the starring actors, John Malkovich (Lennie) and Gary Sinise (George). The program begins with the opening excerpt from the play "Of Mice and Men" featuring Terkel (George) and Win Stracke (Lennie) from 1952, which then leads into Malkovich and Sinise's interpretation of the rest of the scene. Folk singer Utah Phillips song "On the Goodnight Loving Trail" is presented as a comparison to themes expressed in "Of Mice and Men". During this program they discuss the following: tackling the characters; the interpretation of the relationship between George and Lennie; universal themes; and the other characters.