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Janis Joplin discusses the blues and her career

BROADCAST: 1970 | DURATION: 00:22:10


Studs Terkel interviews blues singer song-writer Janis Joplin. This program discusses the following: Joplin's song "Turtle Blues"; Joplin's idols Bessie Smith and Lead Belly; Joplin's style of singing; Joplin's song writing; the blues; Joplin's interpretation of "Summertime"; and various renditions of the jazz song "Summertime". The following musical excerpts were presented: "Turtle Blues"; "Summertime" (interpreted by Janis Joplin); "Summertime" (interpreted by Mahalia Jackson); "Summertime" (interpreted by Billie Holiday); "Ball and Chain"; "Piece of My Heart"; and "Billie's Blues".