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Inteviewees discuss a variety of topics from the Hard Times: an Oral History of the Great Depression program; excerpts part 2

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Excerpts from different episodes of "Hard Times: an Oral History of the Great Depression". Bonnie Laboring Boy: Joe Morrison talks about generational differences in laborers. Evelyn Finn talks about trying to unionize at clothing factories. Two Strikes: Jose Yglesias talks about strikes in cigar factories and the lifelong stigmas of strikebreakers. Bob Stinson discusses working at General Motors and the sit-down strike. The Farmer is the Man: Oscar Heline explains farmer's actions in response to farm foreclosures. Emil Loriks gives his perspective of the Farmer's Holiday Association and seeing farmers march. Ruth Loriks talks about dust storms. Sixteen Ton: Buddy Blankenship recalls leaving school to work 16 hour days in a coal mine. Mary Owsley remembers life as a coal miner's wife. High Life: Sally Rand talks about the creation of her signature fan dance and predictions for future depressions. Jerome Zerbe talks about the glamour of 1930s New York. Concerning the New Deal: John Beecher talks about working in the transient camps. Evictions, Arrests and Other Running Sores: Mrs. Willye Jeffries talks about protesting at relief stations for aid and protecting evicted neighbors. Harry Hartman talks about being a bailiff, evicting tenants, and repossessing goods. Public Service- The City: Elsa Ponselle talks about unmarried teachers, which students were already used to going hungry when the Depression hit, and talking to her nephew about how hard it can be to find work. Honor and Humiliation: Ward James talks about applying and interviewing for relief aid and the shame he felt during the process. Eileen Barth recalls one of the first families she visited as a case worker and the humiliation felt by the father of the family during the investigation.