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Andrew Patner discusses his book, "I.F. Stone: A Portrait" and Stone's career as a newspaper man

BROADCAST: Mar. 10, 1988 | DURATION: 00:48:05


Studs Terkel interview with Andrew Patner about his book, "I.F. Stone: A Portrait" that speaks to the life of newspaper man Izzy Stone. Patner describes his preparation and efforts to interview Stone. They discuss Stones incredible work in spite of the fact that he was nearly blind and death. Both Studs and Patner read excerpts from the book. They discuss Stones knowledge of literature, Greek philosophy, the Vietnam War, and his ability to speak French. Studs quotes a review of Patner's book from a newspaper. Patner also quotes Izzy Stone comments about Socrates. Both Studs and Patner read together from the book.