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Allen Stone, Steven Larson and Judith Erickson, members of the Chicago Opera Theater, discuss the opera "Regina"

BROADCAST: Mar. 29, 1982 | DURATION: 00:43:41


Studs interviews Allen Stone, Steven Larson, and Judith Erickson about the opera, "Regina," playing at the Chicago Opera Theater. They describe the variety of music and dances in the opera. Stone, Larson, and Erickson name the cast and their roles and describe the characters. Each share how they came to be in theater. Stone explains how the company started. Larson describes the orchestra and the chorus. Erickson reads some of the lyrics of the aria, "The Best Thing of All," at the end of act one. Stone, Larson, and Erickson read various lines from the opera. Studs and Judith read parts of the opera and chorus together. Larson reads some of the words of the chorus. The musical pieces are removed from this edited version of the original recording.