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Walter Kerr discusses his book "The Silent Clowns"

BROADCAST: Dec. 11, 1975 | DURATION: 00:52:54


Writer and critic Walter Kerr discusses his book "The Silent Clowns," about the film era's greats including Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Raymond Griffith, and Harry Langdon. Studs begins by reading an excerpt from James Agee's "Death in the Family" with music in the background followed by Kerr reading from his book. They begin talking about how silent films affected the audience, lesser known stars Lloyd Hamilton and Charley Chase, and then analyze several famous Charlie Chaplin scenes to assess the complex nature of his characters. Chaplin's approach is contrasted with Buster Keaton's deadpan antics and Studs plays an excerpt of his interview with Keaton from program 1831679-3-1 and how they rarely worked with a script. The interview concludes with brief takes on Harold Lloyd, Harry Langdon, and Raymond Griffith. The program fades with a snippet of music from the Chaplin classic "Modern Times."