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Studs Terkel reflects on trip to People's Republic of China to describe Inner Mongolian music

BROADCAST: Jun. 11, 1981 | DURATION: 00:29:30


Studs Terkel travels to a Yurt shepherd's farm commune to hear the old song ballad of a Mongolian hero. It concerns a slave uprising from 200 years ago and shows the unity of the Mongolian people. Terkel compares this music to the Hungarian legacy before moving to the School of Story Telling and School of Music and Story Telling in the capital of Inner Mongolia, Hohhot. We are introduced to the four string hu that played Homeric ballads of drinking songs that could last four days. The Matouqin instrument of the horses head as the handle of the instrument with the tail as bow, and body as the instrument's body told the story of the boy, the wonderhorse and the prince that led to the history of this instrument.