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Studs Terkel dscusses the current British arts scene with Kenneth Allsop

BROADCAST: Nov. 16, 1962 | DURATION: 00:26:54


Kenneth Allsop, literary critic for the Daily Mail, BBC host of Tonight and author of "The Bootleggers and Their Era" sits down with Studs Terkel to discuss everything from the Social Realism of Arnold Wesker, Allen Sillitoe, and Shelagh Delaney known as the Backstreet Kids to the class warfare of "The Fourth of July" author David Benedictus. The two key groups of theater, the Royal Court led by George Devine and the Theater Workshop led by Joan Littlewood is also discussed. The Pilkington Report makes mention of the difference of commercial television and the non commercial BBC in England. The discussion ends with the stage revue of "Beyond the Fringe" with Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Allan Bennett, and Jonathan Miller.