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Studs Terkel discusses church architecture with William Cooley and Martin Marty

BROADCAST: Apr. 27, 1965 | DURATION: 00:53:59


Studs Terkel discusses church architecture William Cooley, a church architect, and Martin E. Marty, a theologian and scholar at the University of Chicago. Topics include mediocrity in church architecture, both in America and abroad; the relationship of architecture to the congregation and the community as a whole; the history of church building, design, and styles; the role of the artist and architect in society; building materials used in church building throughout history; ethics, meaning, and social context in architecture. Studs opens the show by playing an excerpt of his interview with Greek architect, planner and critic Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis. Throughout the interview, both Studs and his guests cite a conference and exhibit held in April 1965 at the Pick Congress Hotel in Chicago, which he refers to as the 26th National Conference on Church Building. Architects and buildings mentioned include Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut de Ronchamp, by Le Corbusier; South Side Unity Center of Christianity in Chicago.