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Roddy Doyle discusses his book "Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha" winner of England's The Man Booker Prize

BROADCAST: Jan. 24, 1994 | DURATION: 00:47:24


Studs interview with Roddy Doyle, Irish writer, and author of "Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha." Doyle reads several times from the book. Studs also reads a few lines from the book. Doyle describes the book set in the Republic of Ireland in the 1960's that portrays the life of a small boy. He discusses the characters and themes of the book that relate to real-life. Doyle speaks about his own childhood that is not reflected in the book. Studs notes that the musical comedy-drama film "Commitments" is based off Doyle's book. The musical numbers are removed from this edited version of the original recording.