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Langston Hughes, John Sellers, James Cotton and Otis Spann discuss blues music

BROADCAST: Jul. 15, 1960 | DURATION: 00:46:37

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Langston Hughes, John Sellers, James Cotton, and Otis Spann discuss their origins and blues music. The interview focuses heavily on Langston Hughes and how deeply he is influenced by the blues. Hughes also discusses his upcoming book "An African Treasury" at length. Hughes, Sellers, Spann, and Cotton perform a number of songs during the interview, including: 00:07:52-00:12:30 "Goodbye Newport Blues" 00:18:28-00:22:05 "Precious Lord" 00:26:40-00:30:17 "Sing On My Singer" 00:31:17-00:31:42 Langston Hughes reads "Harlem" also referred to as "Dream Deferred" 00:42:18-00:45:35 unknown song