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Fleming Brown plays the banjo and discusses his career with Studs Terkel

BROADCAST: Jan. 12, 1982 | DURATION: 00:57:07

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Fleming Brown, banjo player, discusses the influences Uncle Dave Macon, Pete Seeger, The Almanac Singers, and his teacher, Doc Hopkins had on him. He and Terkel also discuss the influence of WLS's Barn Dance radio show in Chicago and the Grand Ole Opry's WSM had on folk music. Fleming plays "Uncle Buddy" by Arthur Smith, to open and close the show. He also discusses the themes of Appalachian music such as lost love, mystery and murder, and plays examples for the audience. He also sang, "Sod Buster" by the Almanac Singers, two versions of "Little Margaret" , one by Bascom Lamar Lunsford and the other by himself, "Rose Connelly Chords", two versions of "Long John Bean from Bowling Green" with the black version entitled "Lost John", "Knoxville Girl" and "Banks of the Ohio". The audience hears Uncle Dave Macon perform "Death of John Henry". Fleming Brown discussed some live concerts to be recorded in Chicago.