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Discussing the book "The Mountain People" with the author, anthropologist Colin Turnbull ; part 2

BROADCAST: Mar. 15, 1973 | DURATION: 00:51:32


Studs Terkel continues his discussion with Colin Turnbull and expands upon the effect that colonial powers redrawing boundary lines had upon the Iks. The Iks refusal to move created a loveless environment for the Iks in one generation. This is made clear when Turnbull describes a dying man's request of Turnbull for a cup of tea and the tea is stolen from the man's hands by a family member for the taste of tea and the earthenware. Comparisons are made by Terkel and Turnbull to descriptions made by Indian actress Shanta Gandhi who discusses the Bengal Famine and Edward T Hall, Northwestern University anthropologist's discussion on Boston urban renewal with the Iks.