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Allan Ryan discusses his book "Quiet Neighbors: Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals in America"

BROADCAST: Jan. 29, 1985 | DURATION: 00:53:27


Allan A. Ryan, former Director of the Department of Justice's Office of Special Investigations, speaks about his book on the investigation and prosecution of Nazi war criminals in the United States. Ryan says that after WWII, Nazi collaborators and war criminals fled prosecution under the guise of fleeing the threat of communism. Ryan worked on the investigations of prominent war criminals like Ivan the Terrible and John Demjanjuk, and he discusses how he successfully worked with the Soviet Union to obtain crucial evidence located within the USSR for these trials. A notable investigation discussed was the U.S. government’s relationship with Klaus Barbie, a Gestapo chief turned U.S. agent after WWII. Studs plays an excerpt from his interview with Erhard Dabringhaus, Wayne State professor, who worked with Barbie. (Note: the interview with Dabringhouse includes mic feedback.)