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Find each archive’s collections available below. Note that the South Side Home Movie Project and the Studs Terkel Radio Archive require a registration form to access their materials — all users who fill out the form will gain access. Remember that it is required for participants to use materials from *at least* two out of three of the archives! (i.e. you may use files from Media Burn and South Side Home Movies, but not Studs, or some other combination). 

You can access any/all materials you are initially interested in, even if you do not use them in your final project. We want you to explore! Feel free to fill out request forms even if you are not sure if you are going to use the given archive’s collection. 

Email coordinators from each archive any questions you may have about any of the three collections. 

Ellis McClelland Collection, made available by the South Side Home Movie Project

Collection Manager: [email protected]

Media Burn Archive’s Reuse Collection

Collection Manager: [email protected]

Studs Terkel Radio Archive Reuse Collection

Collection Manager: [email protected]