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For this project, the Studs Terkel Radio Archive was excited to partner once again with the YOUmedia teen space at Chicago Public Library's Harold Washington Library Center. This 12-week program provided an opportunity for four paid interns from Chicago Public Schools to explore the Archive, learn media production skills, and create new audio stories featuring the voices of their peers. The interns chose topics that inspired them, which ranged from family immigration to high school organizing, and created a plan to produce their own podcasts or podcast series. Throughout the program, WFMT staff took them through the audio production process and shared best practices for conducting interviews; they also connected the interns with guests from the media landscape who offered their expertise as well. By the end of the spring, the interns had worked diligently to conduct original interviews, collect found sounds from around the city using field recorders, and edit their final projects together using equipment in the YOUmedia space.

Check out the whole playlist or the individual projects below:

Thank you to everyone who participated! Anna Mason, Studs Terkel Radio Archive Community Engagement Coordinator, Jaime Bravo, Librarian, Chicago Public Library, Valerye Antantis, Librarian, Chicago Public Library, Greg Broderick, Production Assistant, WFMT, and Weston Williams, Production Assistant, WFMT.

Series Title: Youth Organizing

Producer: Yamali Rodas

Series Description: Youth Organizing is a podcast series highlighting youth organizer's journey and advice on how to start to create efforts. Through each episode, the discussion will revolve around the following questions: Who is a youth organizer? How can youth organizing be supported? Why is organizing important? My hope for this podcast is to inspire youth to initiate their own form of organizing in their own communities.

Episode 1:

Title: Who is a youth organizer?

Description: Interview with Isaac Izaguirre discussing what characteristics should youth organizers have, experiences as a student of color in a predominantly white institution, and how institutions can play an active role to be more inclusive of their diverse population of students.

Episode 2:

Title: How can youth organizers be supported?

Description: Interview with Sofia Cruz, discussing topics relating to healing justice, experiences as an organizer, and how institutions should support the efforts of youth leaders.


Episode 3: Why is organizing important?

Description: Interview with Gamer’s Universe interns discussing topics relating to the why in organizing. Why should you even consider organizing a project? We will discuss the bittersweetness– the benefits and the challenges– of being a youth organizer

Meet the producer: 

My name is Yamali (she/xyr/elle). I am a gender-fluid Latiné queer high school junior. I grew up on the south side of Chicago. I am involved in civic engagement work on a local, regional, and national scale. My podcast highlights various organizing efforts youth have led and hopefully inspires youth to initiate their own form of organizing in their own communities.

Series Title: “Environmentalism in Chicago: Discussions around nature, community resources, and more”

Producer: Brenda Rodriguez

Episode 1:

Title: A conversation about Green Team and recycling

Description: Listen in as the president (Alyssa Price, graduate of the class of 2022) of Green Team at Jones College prep got involved with Green Team and the importance of recycling in a space such as a High School.

Full name and Organization: Alyssa Price, president of Green Team at Jones College Prep

Episode 2:

Title: A conversation about Plant Chicago and cultivating local circular economies

Description: Listen in as Tom Knapp, the education manager at Plant Chicago, highlights their work within Plant Chicago and their passion with mycology and providing education.

Full name and Organization: Tom Knapp, Education Manager at Plant Chicago

Episode 3:

Title: A conversation about the Environmental Justice and Conservation club at Jones College Prep and Aidan’s environmental interests

Description:  Listen in as Aidan discusses his interests and involvement in all things environmental, especially through the club he started at school along with Daniel.

Full name and Organization: Aidan Cullen, co-president of the Environmental Justice and Conservation Club at Jones College Prep
Studs Terkel Radio Archive Programs: “Interview with David Attenborough”

Episode 4:

Title: A conversation about Experimental Station and the importance of collaboration

Description: Listen in as Corey Chatman, the Deputy Director of Operations at Experimental Station, highlights their work within the organization and their passions relating their work such as the Link Up Illinois program.

Full name and Organization: Corey Chatman, Deputy Director of Operations at Experimental Station
Studs Terkel Radio Program: Barry Commoner discusses his book “Making Peace with the Planet

Meet the producer:  

My name is Brenda Rodriguez. I'm 18 years old and a recent graduate of Jones College Prep. I am interested in audio production, noise art, and podcasting. As a part of the STRA internship, I interviewed various environmental groups/ individuals in Chicago from non-profit organizations to environmental leaders in high school.

Series Title: Let's Get Down to Bizzness

Series Description: This podcast explores the stories behind why people chose a certain career path.

Producer: Cedricha Herron

Episode 1:

Let's Get Down to Bizzness - Ms. Keanly

Episode 2:

Let's Get Down to Bizzness - Mr. Moore

Episode 3:

Let's Get Down to Bizzness - Mr. Dumblton

Episode 4:

Let's Get Down to Bizzness - Mr. Baker

Meet the producer:  

My name is Cedricha Herron, I attended Westinghouse College Prep and I’m the wrestling captain of my school. My project is called “ Let's Get Down to Bizzness” and it’s about digging deeper into different career choices and the ups and downs of those careers.

Episode Title: The Relocation of the Vietnamese

Producer: Victor Dang

Description: Interviews with Juilete Nguyen, Thu Dang, Cuc Tran talk about their earliest knowledge of the war and how they/their families relocated to another country after the war.

Meet the producer: 

My name is Victor Dang.  I really like collecting things like vinyl (international music), porcelain, and film cameras.  I'm skilled in videography and work on street interviews with my friends.  My internship podcast is about the Vietnamese Mae people displaced by war.  My main focus is on my villages and the boat people.