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Tommy Titmus and residents of West Ham Old People's home discuss the British Depression

BROADCAST: Sep. 30, 1970 | DURATION: 00:43:52


Police officer Tommy Titmus recalls what it was like when people marched and protested at Clerkenwell Green. Titmus said the people marching resembled a rejected lot. Their marching had a purpose, explained Titmus, to demonstrate their plight to the queen. Residents of West Ham Old People's Home all agreed when people speak of the "Good Old Days," that there is no such thing. Jim Field, 79, Ted Blurton, 77, Mrs. MacClaine, 82, and Mrs. Mansfield, 69, said there were no jobs and there was no food. Mr. Field had to sell his pet canary to obtain money to get food. Field also explained that you'd have to wait hours in long lines at the Bun House for food. One of the ladies explained you lived day to day.