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Three residents of Newburgh, Indiana discusses their lives

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The owner of the pool hall, Henry Chase, talks about how he was once a fisherman with 18 boats. With only a 6th grade education, Chase went straight into working at the mines and then into fishing. Chase explained it would be impossible to make a living from the Ohio river with fishing now. The 19-year-old man said he was a set-up man in a factory and he hoped to become an electrician one day. He explained that he's heard both good and bad things about Henry Chase. He does believe it's a good thing that Chase's bar has brought in a younger crowd to town. Jack Dillon has been a truck driver for 32 years. He starts his day at 10:30 in the morning and his day is over at 7pm. Dillon explained that he's been very happy with his life. He also said that he's been very grateful to have always had a job.