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Studs Terkel presents an Easter program of commentary and secular and sacred music

BROADCAST: Mar. 24, 1988 | DURATION: 00:16:19


Terkel presents an Easter program. Songs include "Lord of the Dance/Simple Gifts" sung by Bill Crofut and Benjamin Luxon; "Plenty Good Room" sung by Roland Hayes; "Vidé" a carnival song of Martinique; "Wondrous Love" sung by Ed McCurdy; "The Cuckoo" sung by Burr Tillstrom as Kukla; "The Cuckoo's Nest" sung by Jimmy MacBeath; "The Cuckoo" sung by Jean Ritchie; "Gloria," Malaga Flemenco song; "Old Blind Barnabus" sung by Golden Gate Quartet; and Bach's "St. John Passion." Stud's reads some of the lyrics of "Plenty Good Room." The musical numbers are removed from this edited version of the original recording.