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Studs Terkel joins the Evanston Township High Schools' "The spirit of soul" with musical director Avon Gillespie

BROADCAST: 1970 | DURATION: 00:29:26


Studs Terkel listens in on Evanston Township High Schools', soul choral group, "The Spirit of Soul" as they rehearse for an upcoming concert. Musical director, Avon Gillespie, describes how the vocal improvisation of "The Spirit of Soul" singers brings an on the spot sense of joy. This reflection of African Heritage through song closes the gap between Africa and American shores and teaches Black people that their heritage is real, alive, and strong! "The Spirit of Soul Singers" sing Bantu choral music, African mass songs such as "Missa Luba", game songs like" Little Johnny Brown", Preacher inspired "On My Way to Heaven", and "My God Can Make Away". It is through sharing and watching others sing that the students learn. Mr Gillespie shared an educational experience with Betsy Jones who showed him games and soulful songs of the south that he in turn could share with others.