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Studs Terkel interviews Japanese percussionist Stomu Yamash'ta

BROADCAST: Jun. 24, 1969 | DURATION: 00:38:11


The virtuoso percussionist, Stomu Yamash'ta, sits down with Studs Terkel and discusses from his heart how he creates the sound of his music. Sound is created in your head and heart. The ocean creates a different sound by day and night. Yamash'ta writes down his thoughts on the sounds he hears and creates the music. For the Akira Kurasawa film "YoJimbo" where he did solo musical work, he analyzed the character and what type of sound was in his mind and thought how to create it and convey that to his audience musically. Technology is not the answer to the development of sound. It requires a mind to think and create it. Terkel and Yamash'ta discuss the influence of Tabla music, Japanese Noh and Kabuki plays, the New York Jazz scene and Polish composer, Penderecki and Japanese composer, Takemitsu. Yamash'ta sees himself as one in a billion and enjoys that.