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Simon Estes, bass baritone opera singer, discusses his life and career in classical opera

BROADCAST: Feb. 10, 1982 | DURATION: 00:54:14

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The interview begins with an excerpt of Simon Estes singing part of "Lord Nelson Mass: Gloria," Haydn, directed by Leonard Bernstein. Simon Estes, bass baritone opera singer, is in Chicago for 4 performances of George Fredric Handel's Oratorio "Saul." He talks with Studs about growing up, his education and his career in classical music and opera. At the closing of the interview, Studs plays three movements from "Symphony No. 14" by Dimitri Shostakovich: Adagio- "Les Attentives II" (Madam, look!); Adagio- "À la Santé," and Andante- "O, Del'vig, Del'vig!" Studs ends the program with two love songs for Valentine's Day: "My Funny Valentine," performed by Anita O'Day; and "Spanish is the Loving Tongue" performed by Judy Collins.