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Peter, Paul and Mary discuss Folk music and the forming of their singing group ; part 2

BROADCAST: Apr. 12, 1961 | DURATION: 00:30:56

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Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey and Mary Travers talk with Studs about the forming of the Folk singing group Peter, Paul and Mary and their first year together. They perform their music throughout the interview. Song: "The Shape of Things to Come," Winn, John--ends: 00:08:42 Begins 00:08:50 (recording change). Includes recording of President John Kennedy news conference talks about: the closing of defense bases; the Soviet Union; the Federal Trade Commission; Senator Goldwater; Space race with Russians/Communists; strength of economy and pulling out of recession; talks of aid to distressed areas and children's' programs; unemployment 7% average nationwide; new boosters for space travel vehicles; Cuba/trade/support; Indonesia/Netherlands clash in New Guinea; and Senator Blakley/Texas elections. Ends 00:30:36.