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Marlon Brando discusses his views on mankind ; part 1

BROADCAST: Apr. 19, 1963 | DURATION: 01:01:47


Content Warning: This conversation includes racially and/or culturally derogatory language and/or negative depictions of Black and Indigenous people of color, women, and LGBTQI+ individuals. Rather than remove this content, we present it in the context of twentieth-century social history to acknowledge and learn from its impact and to inspire awareness and discussion. Self-righteousness and values are topics covered by Marlon Brando. Here in the states, Brando said, we are living a dream. We do not want strife in our lives, and yet he says it seems as though we seek it. Brando further explains that even though we have all the advantages, there is no sense of peace and no sense of well-being. He also stated that people will never see eye to eye.