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On Location in South Africa, Studs speaks with two university students about race relations. Also speaking with members of African Music and Drama Association about upcoming performances ; part 1

BROADCAST: 1963 | DURATION: 00:33:35

Digital audio not yet public.


Studs interviews two Natal University students Richard and Nathan they discuss race relations (apartheid)in South Africa. Linda Mhjongo actress and alumni of African Music and Drama Association (AMDA) talks to Studs about returning to Johannesburg from London. Gideon, musical director of (AMDA) talks about and plays the music of their current production "Spinnono". Lancelot, a 14 year old boy plays the piano. A young lady, Rose sings a couple of short songs from "Spinnono". Connie Mombasa director of AMDA production "Men without shadows" John Paul Sartre, talks about the play.