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Harry Chapin discusses his career as a writer and singer and reflects on the stories behind his music

BROADCAST: Mar. 31, 1975 | DURATION: 00:22:28


Studs interviews Harry Chapin about his music and career. They discuss Chapin’s style of writing songs. Chapin describes some of his songs such as “Cats In the Cradle,” “Sniper,” “WOLD,” and “Mr. Tanner.” He stresses that his songs tell stories and often are influenced by real-life events. For example, “30,000 Bananas Pounds of Bananas” came from a trip he took on a Greyhound bus through Pennsylvania where there was a truck accident. Chapin talks about his Broadway musical play, “The Night That Made America Famous.” He discusses his artsy family background and the influence that had on him. The music is removed from this edited version of the original recording.