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Harold Rosenberg discusses action painting and other trends in art

BROADCAST: Apr. 9, 1966 | DURATION: 00:57:53


Harold Rosenberg, a provocative and loquacious art critic, joins Studs Terkel to discuss trends in the art world. The interview begins with a clip from Sonia Delaunay, who remarks that Pablo Picasso does not create art, but transforms it. Rosenberg disagrees with this statement, elaborating on his beliefs that tradition and past experiences and influences are present in any work. The desire to create “new” art is also a complicated concept, according to Rosenberg, as art transcends time and can be considered “new” to new viewers. He also discusses the mindset of an action painter, a term he coined, and the spiritual significance that art can have. Terkel and Rosenberg also delve into how technology affects the creation of art and the “cultural boom” of art, in terms of globalization and homogenization.