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George Esteves discusses the music that will be performed by the Chicago Chamber Choir in the Mother's Day concert

BROADCAST: Apr. 17, 1980 | DURATION: 00:13:17


Studs interviews George Esteves, the director of the Chicago Chamber Choir. They discuss the musical numbers that the choir will perform in their Mother's Day concert. Dexter Bailey will accompany. Esteves reads the lyrics in Italian of "Ecco Mormorar L'Onde" a Torquato Tasso poem, and Studs reads it in English. Esteves also reads some lyrics of the "Contate Irene Kiesewetter" by Schubert Franz. Esteves shares how members of the choir are recruited. Esteves names all the soloist members of the choir. All musical pieces are removed from this edited version of the original recording.