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Christopher Keene and Gian Carlo Menotti discuss their careers

BROADCAST: Jan. 3, 1972 | DURATION: 00:35:32


Conductor Christopher Keene and composer Gian-Carlo Menotti discuss how they became aware of each other and meeting to discuss a collaboration. They talk about spending time in Spoleto, Italy for the Festival of Two Worlds, a summer music and opera festival created by Gian Carlo Menotti. The two also discuss creating art in all forms, including music. Music is played to start and to end: "To This We've Come" sung by Eileen Farrell from Menotti's opera "The Consul" and the allegro from Menotti's "Piano Concerto", with Earl Wild as the pianist. Music has been removed from this program for copyright reasons. At the very end is a performance of "Black Swan" from Menotti's opera "The Medium".