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Studs Terkel interviews a hotel porter, an American tourist and a young lady from Manchester

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A hotel porter tells Studs Terkel that he's had his job as a porter for five years, thanks to someone's recommendation. Prior to being a porter, he was a gentleman's taylor and he worked in the armed forces, too The porter explained he really liked his job a lot because of all the different and interesting people that he meets. A man off the street, asked Studs Terkel, why he was talking to himself, not realizing that Studs was making a recording. When Studs said he was from Chicago, he was totally surprised to learn that the man on the street told him that Daley wasn't tough enough on those men at the convention. While in a cab, Studs Terkel, talks to a 20-year-old young lady from Manchester. She said that she moved to London, looking for something new and different. However, she admitted to Studs that other than more of a night life in London, it's pretty much the same as it was in Manchester.