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Jimmy McPartland and Buddy Tate discuss their careers as jazz musicians

BROADCAST: Sep. 13, 1977 | DURATION: 00:23:13


Jimmy McPartland and Buddy Tate share stories of working with different musicians throughout their career and explain why Kansas City musicians are recognizable from other musicians. Music is played throughout from both of the musicians: "Logan Square"- Jimmy McPartland & Art Hodes, "When I'm Blue"- Buddy Tate, "I'm Coming Virginia"- Jimmy McPartland, "Kansas City Joys"- Buddy Tate, "Singin' the Blues Till My Daddy Comes Home"- Jimmy McPartland, "Tickle Toe"- Buddy Tate, "Riverboat Shuffle"- Jimmy McPartland, "Sunday"- Buddy Tate. Music has been removed from this file for copyright reasons.