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Jean Gascon discusses his production of "The Alchemist"

BROADCAST: Jan. 1, 1969 | DURATION: 00:33:03


Jean Gascon, the artistic director of the Stratford Theater in Ontario, Canada, speaks with Studs Terkel about his production of “The Alchemist.” His interpretation of playwright Ben Jonson’s work opened in Chicago at the Studebaker Theater, alongside “Hamlet” directed by John Hirsch. Gascon talks a bit on his career in theater and the cultural influences on his directing style. Gascon admires Jonson’s work and social commentary, and feels themes of “The Alchemist” are relevant to current issues in society. They discuss the challenges of making the play’s language contemporary and accessible to audiences and the risks his company takes with limited rehearsal time. Gascon also comments on the state of Canada’s theater scene and the lack of opportunities for Canadian playwrights. Note: the word “bitching” is used in this interview.