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Hortense Calisher discusses her book "Queenie: A Novel"

BROADCAST: May. 13, 1971 | DURATION: 00:00:01


Hortense Calisher discusses and reads excerpts from “Queenie: A Novel,” a coming-of-age story about Queenie, a teenage girl raised an unorthodox household. Terkel and Calisher discuss reoccurring themes like the relationship between sex and property and the preservation of beauty as one ages. Calisher comments on her unique writing style, and Terkel praises her writing, calling it elegant and euphemistic. The two dance around certain topics and language deemed inappropriate for public broadcast, bringing up the issue of censorship. They briefly discuss feminism and the struggle to find humor during times of oppression. The interview begins and ends with “Madame Arthur” sung by Yvette Guilbert.