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Andreas, Margaret, and George Papandreou discuss the 1967 Greek coup d'at

BROADCAST: Apr. 1, 1968 | DURATION: 00:53:02


Studs Terkel joins the Papandreou family in their living room in Elmhurst, Illinois, to discuss their exile after the Junta’s coup d’état and occupation of Greece. The family speaks on their experiences in Greece during this time of political unrest; son George, who is 15, describes the night his father was arrested and his experience as an American in Greece; Margaret Papandreou, the American wife of the prime minister, touches on the changes in Greek culture after the coup, the United State’s role the military occupation of Greece, and her experience back in the United States; Andreas Papandreou discusses his time in jail, the political events leading up to and following the Junta’s coup, and the future of democracy in Greece. Andreas also describes the resilience and courage of the Greeks despite the current political oppression. The family all discuss changes in Greek culture, like the censorship of music, and how little America (including their friends and family) knows about Greece’s current struggle. Throughout the interview, the listener can hear sounds of the suburban home, like a telephone ring and a clock chime.