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  • Like Studs Terkel, Becca Kopf moved to Chicago from the East Coast. Like Studs, she chose to spend the rest of her life in the Windy City. And, as did Terkel, Becca spent her Chicago years helping make the city a place where people of all incomes, races, and origins could flourish. Becca’s professional life focused particularly on making the city work for its children through public education and public broadcasting.  
    Becca was Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations at WTTW & WFMT at the time of her death in 2015. She had played an important role in the launch the of the Studs Terkel Radio Archive. Her friends and family established The Becca Kopf Memorial Circle of Friends to bring Terkel’s interviews and their extraordinary window into the 20th century to teachers and students in Chicago and elsewhere. The Circle of Friends underwrites the preparation, dissemination and support of curricular and other educational materials using the Archive’s resources.
    Becca’s wisdom, strength, kindness, and generosity enriched the lives of innumerable friends, colleagues and family. The Becca Kopf Memorial Circle of Friends will allow her wonderful influence to benefit others for many years to come.

    Becca Kopf
    Becca Kopf