This Train : A previously recorded Studs interview of people on a train bound for Washington DC for a civil rights march in August, 1963 ; part 2

BROADCAST: Aug. 1, 1979 | DURATION: 00:53:35

Digital audio not yet public.


A replay from the Studs Terkel Wax Museum weekly program of a previously recorded interview he did on a train bound for Washington, DC for civil rights march in August, 1963. The recording began with a Studs interview of the train Porter, who is a black man. The song, "This Train Is Bound for Glory" played at the beginning and throughout until it closed the recording. At the end, Studs, mentions some of the names of those interviewed. This recording begins on the train that is in Eastern Pennsylvania and continues to DC and the return to Chicago. Studs interviews with many different people, black and white, about their opinions about the event. At the march in DC, it was announced that W. E. B. Dubois died the night before. Other songs were sung and played throughout the program, but no titles were given.