This Train: A previously recorded Studs interview of people on a train bound for Washington DC for a civil rights march in 1963 ; part 1

BROADCAST: Aug. 1, 1979 | DURATION: 00:44:06

Digital audio not yet public.


A replay from the Studs Terkel Wax Museum weekly program of a previously recorded interview he did on a train bound for Washington, DC for civil rights march in 1963. The recording started with the song, "This Train Is Bound For Glory." Studs interviews a variety of white and black people on the train. They discuss the reasons they are on the train and what the train means to them. Throughout the program, parts of various songs are played but titles are not given on most. People on the train share some of their experiences with Jim Crow laws, education, riding the bus, and unfair treatment of blacks. The recording closes with the hymn "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah." The program is presented by Jim Unrath from the Fine Arts Network.