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Terkel comments and presents "Hard Times: an Oral History of the Great Depression"; Chapter 8

BROADCAST: 1971 | DURATION: 00:57:24


Presenting "Hard Times: an Oral History of the Great Depression" The Farmer is the Man: Chapter 8. Harry Terrell remembers the Farm Holiday Movement. Oscar Heline explains deficit financing and farmer's actions in response to farm foreclosures. Frank and Rome Hentges recall the threatening of a judge in Le Mars, IA by farmers protesting foreclosures. Orin Kelley was mistakenly arrested in connection with the judge assault and discusses his time in jail. Emil Loriks gives his perspective of the Farmer's Holiday Association. Ruth Loriks talks about grasshopper swarms. Mary Owsley describes a dust storm in Oklahoma. Fred Sweet talks about writing ads for farm auctions. Emma Tiller explains how she felt seeing groups of cattle about to be slaughtered.