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Studs discusses literature and humor with writer Dorothy Parker.

BROADCAST: Feb. 6, 1959 | DURATION: 00:19:31

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Studs interviews poet, writer, critic, and satirist Dorothy Parker. Topics of conversation are Parker's plays, being a critic, and the state of comedy and literature. The conversation includes references to Parker's plays "The Ladies of the Corridor" (1953) and "Close Harmony" (1924), and the lyrics she wrote for the 1956 operetta Candide. They also discuss the roles of Hollywood, television, and beat poetry in the cultural landscape. Other cultural figures mentioned include humorist/columnist Robert Benchley, sports columnist and short-story writer Ring Lardner, author James Thurber, humorist Sidney Joseph "S. J." Perelman, screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky, and playwright Clifford Odets. Parker, a playwright, critic and novelist, was 64 at the time of this interview. [same as 1862840-3-1]