Get the Latest Updates about the Archive on the Studs Terkel Blog

From civil rights to labor to jazz, Studs’s work spanned an impressive array of topics and figures. These enchanting, historically-significant interviews — which have been largely inaccessible to the public — will soon come to life in a new website hosting the comprehensive Studs Terkel Radio Archive. While the website is still in development, the Studs Terkel Blog will serve as an informational hub for all relevant news about the Studs Terkel Archive. Here you will be able to find the following:

  • Selected Interviews From the Archive
    We know that many of you are impatient to get your hand on the treasure trove of Stud’s interviews. So periodically we’ll be using the Studs Terkel Blog to whet your appetite by featuring some of our most popular interviews from movers and shakers, and regular folks, too.
  • Guest Curator Series
    We’re asking people who knew Studs, who have been influenced by him, or who see a connection between their own work and his to listen and reflect on an interview of their choice.  You can hear those podcasts first on the blog, and find the entire collection on our Guest Curator Podcast page.
  • New Audio Works
    Producers from the next generation of radio will be encouraged to use our archival recordings in new creations and when they do you can find them here first.
  • Studs-inspired Creations
    From animators to actors, these interviews inspiring all kinds of artists.  We’ll be showcasing and discussing their projects here.