TCA001_pigeonLogo_podcastWe are so pleased to announce a partnership with Third Coast International Audio Festival for their 2015 ShortDocs Challenge!  In fact we’re so excited that we added a new page to the blog – full of all kinds of great information and a gallery of interviews that shows off Studs’s range of interests, guests, and techniques.  The theme of this year’s challenge is “Studs Rules,” and the submission guidelines are inspired by Studs’s unique and engaging style.  The ShortDocs Challenge is open to anyone (no radio production experience necessary) and can be a documentary, an oral history, sound art – there’s no limit on what you can do as long as you follow the rules.  To get those creative juices flowing (and for additional information, complete rules, and the nuts and bolts of submission), please visit the ShortDocs site.

Now it’s your turn to make radio!