Congratulations to the cast, musicians, crew, and faculty team behind ChiArts’ production of “Working”!  What a show!  We truly heard America singing – a creative, youthful, diverse, and dedicated America – and it was an honor and a pleasure.  After visiting your school earlier this month we all expected a stellar show, but you still managed to blow us away!  The music, singing, and dancing was excellent, of course, but we were most touched by the poise and maturity the cast showed in portraying individuals whose stories were often quite different from their own.  It demonstrated a great respect for the original interviewees’ words and experiences.

Finally, your production was a timely reminder that although we are all unique individuals with stories to tell, we all are a part of a community that is greater than ourselves.  You showed us the very best of what America can be, thank you.  Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

And remember, tune in to WFMT 98.7 this Friday at 10:00 pm (or stream live) to hear a rebroadcast of Studs’s 1973 tribute to Thanksgiving.




photo credits: Allison Schein


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